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The Owl Vision

Student Writing

Owl Education has been offering tutoring in small group sessions for over 25 years in West London.
We believe in traditional teaching and our resources are almost entirely dedicated to continuously selecting and recruiting teachers of high ability. We concentrate on employing the very best teachers that London can offer so that you, the parent, can be assured that learning is taking place.


Our tutoring group sizes

The size of each group varies. We aim for approximately 4-5 pupils in each group. They are streamlined according to ability.


We have a structured approach

Our tutoring sessions follow a strict timetable. We offer group sessions, every hour for each year group as follows:

Saturday & Sunday: 9.00am - 5.30pm 
Monday-Friday: 4.45pm - 8.45pm


My special moment was strolling into the Haberdashers' ASKE's exam and coming out with an offer. I thought to myself, that was so easy!

Aran Moghanchi (Year 3)

Owl is designed to allow maximum flexibility for pupils and parents. Our timetable accommodates pupils of all year groups to attend at the same time/day throughout the week. This allows families with several children of different ages, and different subject demands to all attend sessions simultaneously in their own groups.

We have vast resources and are able to offer places as and when parents require. (A level and GCSE places are limited because of the specialism required.)
Booking can be completed on the phone or by registering online.

A copy of our Terms & Conditions can be found by clicking here.


We offer a continuous learning programme. Progress is expected, term by term. Many children who begin their Owl experience in Nursery will find that their Year 11 results are always outstanding. Pupils are tested on the topics they are taught twice a term. Tests are returned with cover sheets showing the grade and position of each child. We find that this helps children and parents to observe the competition and revise more thoroughly each time.