Southern Guardian Award

"West London's best kept Secret"


We at the Southern Guardian have been impressed with Owl Education which has chosen to accept our Business Recommendation Award for Excellence within the Education Sector. This really is traditional teaching at its best - the results are magnificent and worthy of the title "West London's best kept secret".

The organisation believes in beginning ones academic journey at a young age, but ultimately the essence of it is its emphasis on recruiting strong, competent, dynamic and experienced teachers. Owl Education adheres to the philosophy that by improving a child's English and Mathematics skills from a young age, the child will perform well in all school subjects - "There is absoluetly no replacement for a strong educational foundation at a young age".

“We believe small group environments provide a friendly yet competitive atmosphere, especially for pupils preparing for examinations. Integration and interaction is as much a part of the learning experience as the academic work," Promina Rhea of Owl Education told the Southern Guardian.

You may be startled as you enter Reception area to find a frenzy of faces - over 800 children attend each week - but behind each of the thirty class doors, there is a small group of 3-4 pupils - keen learners from various backgrounds, schools and academic levels.