In line with government regulations, Owl Education is permitted to continue operating throughout the current lockdown. View our COVID-19 policy here.

COVID-19 Policy


In line with government regulations, Owl Education is permitted to continue operating throughout the current lockdown. Owl Education will continue to manage all on site classes in line with the relevant Covid-19 regulations.

Please continue to check the website for updates.


Please note the following policy updates in relation to Covid-19:
1. In order to ensure minimal contact, all tutors and admin staff will ensure that desks and pupils are spaced appropriately apart
2. Reception staff will wear face masks when interacting with parents and pupils
3. We request any parent entering the premises do so with a face covering and we request the use of hand sanitiser upon entry
4. Students should enter the classroom single file and wear face masks when walking in or around then centre
5. Face masks when seated at desks are not mandatory but will be at the discretion of the class tutor
6. Students should arrive no more than 5 minutes early for their sessions to avoid prolonged periods of exposure or contact
7. Students should remain seated in a designated area indicated by reception staff in between sessions
8. Students should ensure that they bring all of their own materials required for classes to avoid the handling and sharing of resources
9. Owl Education will be optimising the use of 2 floors and managing group size in accordance with classroom size to ensure maximum distancing
10. Parents should drop off their children outside the centre. Please do not wait in the waiting area for any prolonged period of time. If you have an urgent query or wish to make payment please note that this can only be done one at a time in the main office
11. Parents wishing to speak with tutors should make a request to book a phone call with them by contacting the main office
12. Please ensure that your children are aware of the handwashing regulations. We will ensure that antibacterial soap in available in all bathrooms as well as hand sanitiser
13. All surfaces will be regularly cleaned with the relevant anti-bacterial products
14. Please ensure that your children are collected promptly at the end of their sessions to avoid prolonged periods of contact
15. If you suspect that yourself or your child are ill, please do not send them in. Owl Education will make its best effort to cover these sessions where possible
16. Owl Education is no obliges to provide catch up sessions and this is a gesture of good will. Where it is possible to do so these will be provided
17. No refunds or credits can be applied for missed sessions
18. All catch up sessions due from the Covid-19 closure period in April 2020, have now concluded
19. The pupils who continue in their existing slots after term end, will automatically be registered for the new term and the full and complete 8 weeks will be payable
20. You will not be permitted to continue attendance on a catch up only basis
21. Parents should regularly check the website in advance of the sessions for any updates regarding the centre . Owl Education will not necessarily contact students individually to advise of temporary closures. Please visit for updates
22. Owl Education will continue to review on a weekly basis in order to ensure they are following government guidelines. Should a closure be forced to take place, a freeze will be issued until classes can re open