Administration Fee - £20 (Terms & Conditions)

A £20 non refundable adminisration fee is payable upon regsitration. This fee is paid once and you will not have to repay this fee if your child continues back to back each term. Should you withdraw at the end of term and re register, this fee will be payable again. Our 'Terms & Conditions' are as follows: 



- Please note that every child is expected to pay a £20 administration fee upon enrolment. This is applicable to pupils
who choose to re-enrol after withdrawing from the centre.
- We require full and complete payment of fees In advance of the term. We DO NOT offer part payment facilities.
Registration is for a minimum of ONE term. There will be no exceptions to this.
- We will not provide alternative lessons for those missed in a previous term. Bookings for specific days and times are
agreed at the beginning of the term; fees are non refundable. (Teachers may accommodate absences but only as a
goodwill gesture).
- A standard administrative charge of £45.00 will be incurred for each returned cheque/non-payment and added to your
account balance.
- Your child will continue to be allocated a place with us unless you specifically provide written notice of withdrawal
from one or more subjects FOUR WEEKS prior to the end of term.
- We do not permit mid-term withdrawals. If you should decide to withdraw from the organisation or from an individual
subject during term time, you will forfeit the right to refund any fees.
- We reserve the right to employ services from out-house debt recovery agency in the event of non-payment of your
account. We will seek to recover the entire outstanding debt including any financial costs incurred from you.
- We reserve the right to cancel classes or amend the timetable at short notice although every effort will be made to
provide supply cover to maintain continuity.
- It is your responsibility to ensure that your child is collected promptly at the end of each session. You must also ensure
that valuables are not brought onto the premises as the organisation will not accept responsibility for any lost or
stolen items.