In Year 5 and 6, all children are prepared for the 11+ Advanced English and Mathematics curriculum. The teaching prepares children for Independent schools such as Haberdashers’, North London Collegiate, Notting Hill and Ealing and for Grammar schools such as Queen Elizabeth. Children complete structured modules in creative writing and develop analytical skills so that they are able to approach comprehension questions confidently. Children are asked to complete a variety of past examinations papers before sitting competitive entrance tests. We always cover a short module covering Year 6, Key Stage 2 material. This presents little challenge to the children and they cover the syllabus with ease. Results are always outstanding.

11+ Grammar School Preparation

11+ textbooks for class in Owl Education(2 hours per week)

This covers the verbal reasoning, non verbal reasoning, English and  Mathematics skills required for the CEM Tests Papers

16 Weeks - £720



Current Term: Saturday 30th April 2016 - Wednesday 10th August 2016

Price: £720.00

Year 6 Advanced English Writing

Advanced english writing(1 hour per week)

This covers advanced english writing for year 6.

16 WEEK TERM - £360

Current Term - £90 (4 sessions remaining)

Price: £360.00