We adopt an individual approach and try to meet the needs of each child. Using information relating to the school the child attends, the examination board and syllabus, we aim to prepare each child for the A/A* grade. We have access to a huge range of resources and aim to teach each child according to his or her needs by using appropriate materials, revision booklets and past paper questions.

We achieve outstanding results.

GCSE English

GCSE English1 Hour Per Week 


This course includes both English Language and English Literature. All examination boards will be covered and the student's individual texts will be adapted by the tutor. 

Price: £210.00

GCSE Maths

GCSE Maths1 Hour Per Week 




Price: £210.00

GCSE Science

GCSE Science1 Hour Per Week 


All examination boards will be covered. We offer Science as a 1 hour course but will cover Chemistry, Biology and Physics in units throughout the term. Students also have an option to take several hours of Science if they wish to cover the course more extensively. 


Price: £210.00