What the students say

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Aran Moghanchi - (Year 3)

My special moment was strolling into the Haberdashers' Aske's Exam and coming out with an offer. I thought to myself, that was SO easy!"

Kayla Bidharbakht (Age 4)

My teacher makes me so happy!"

Celia Barren (Year 6)

I am always on the top table in the top group with the top people. But i do not tell everyone my secret!"

Dominic Barren (AS Mathematics)

Mr Tolis is seriously an excellent guy. He just makes Statistics so easy to understand. He is patient and takes me through the work step by step to ensure I always understand what is going on."

Matt Dhillon (GCSE English, Year 11)

Dr Haider really does perform his magic - he is charismatic and inspiring and really makes me enjoy the subject unlike any other teacher."

Moho Sen (Year 1)

I always sit there with one teacher and one book but I come out knowing lots."

Harry & Max Steele (Year 6 & Year 4)

 You have been so helpful in our learning. It has been hard work but we appreciate all that you have done."